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Tas Accommodations Cambridge

Tas Accommodations is specialising in mostly rent to rent properties and helping landlords maximise their income of rent from one specific property at least by 1.5 times and is still growing rapidly since the opening of the company which was early 2019.

Tas Accommodations managing 36 units in total at 5 different locations across the city of Cambridge.

It is guaranteed rent and a hassle free income for landlords which means they will not have to deal with anything as everything will be dealt by Tas Accommodations.

This covers; reservations, meeting the guest on arrival to check them in, housekeeping after check out or for long stay guests, any issues to do with maintenance, designing the property and much more.

It is a promise from us that the property will still be in same enough conditions from the date that we have started the agreement. Our staff will always inspect rooms after checkout for any missing items or damages. There will be a deposit put in place in case anything is damaged or any rules have been broken.

If you are interested in working together and would like us to take the management of your property, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Why Choose UsGuaranteed RentHassle Free IncomeService & ValueBy Tas Accommodations Cambridge.

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